coreLang is a domain specific language (DSL) built with the meta attack language (MAL). coreLang focuses on modelling IT infrastructure. The language contains five different categories: System, Networking, Vulnerability, IAM, User and Data resources. MAL assumes that all attack steps are known but with coreLang, using the Vulnerability-assets, the user can use unknown vulnerabilities in the model.


coreLang contains 6 different categories of assets. These are

  1. Data resources
  2. Vulnerability
  3. System
  4. IAM
  5. User
  6. Networking


To install coreLang, do the following steps

git clone

cd path/to/coreLang

mvn test

if you have a securiCAD-key you can create a .jar-file to use with the command

mvn package -PsecuriCAD

When you open securiCAD the program will prompt you to chose a *.jar file. You will find your coreLang.jar at path-to-project/coreLang/target/corelang-*.jar. Load the file and now you can drag and drop the assets and connect them in securiCAD.