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Title Availability
Secure and Privacy Preserving Vehicular Communication Systems: Identity and Credential Management Infrastructure - Mohammed Khodaei Available
Secure and Privacy Preserving Urban Sensing Systems - Stylianos Gisdakis Available
Coexistance and Energy Efficiency in Wireless Networks - Ioannis Glaropoulus Available
Data-driven Performance Prediction and Resource Allocation for Cloud Services - Rerngvit Yanggratoke Available
Distributed Processing of Visual Features in Wireless Sensor Networks - Emil Eriksson Available
System Design for Opportunistic Networks - Sylvia Todorova Kouyoumdjieva Available
A Bottom-Up Approach to Real-Time Search in Large Networks and Clouds - Misbah Uddin Available
Bandwidth and Storage Allocation for Operator-Owned Content Management Systems - Valentino Pacifici Available
Bandwidth Limited Distributed Optimization with Applications to Networked Cyberphysical Systems - Sindri Magnússon Available
Contributions to Performance Modeling and Management of Data Centers - Rerngvit Yanggratoke Available
Resource Allocation in Operator-owned Content Delivery Systems - Valentino Pacifici Available
Real-Time Search in Large Networks and Clouds - Misbah Uddin Available
Cyber-security in Smart Grid Communication and Control - Ognjen Vuković Available

Last updated: 2023-02-27