Return Devices from the Hacking Lab

To return the device, always make sure to contact the responsible person for the Hacking Lab at KTH on the following email address:

Return Procedure

To ensure the correct storage and return of devices from the NSE Hacking Lab at KTH, we require the following steps to be carried out by the borrower before returning the devices:

  • Ensure that all the devices are included in the box along with the charger and any other accessories that were provided.
  • Remove any personal data from the devices and restore them to factory settings.
  • If any external apps were used to perform a study on the devices, such as a smart controller app for IOS and Android, including especially those which require the registration of the device with an account, ensure that the device is unregistered from the account and that the account is deleted.
  • Charge all devices to an adequate level before returning them to the NSE Hacking Lab (it is recommended for storage, if possible, to have devices stored with no more than 50% of their battery capacity)
  • Check for any physical damage or issues with the devices, such as cracks, or malfunctions, and report them if found and affecting the functions of the device. As well as report if any hardware physical studies have been carried out on the devices.
  • Ensure that the box is properly closed.