The lab has a VPN which allows you to virtually connect and access resources in the lab from a distance. With the VPN you can directly interact with IoT devices that you’ve set up on the lab’s local network as if you were in the room. It also allows you to use the virtual machines which are available and running on the lab’s server.

You can read more about the VPN on the lab’s internal private webpage.

Signing up for the lab’s VPN

If you’d like access to the lab’s VPN please slack the cyber lab channel: or email with the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your KTH email address
  • Reason for using the lab
  • If applicable your supervisor’s name (e.g supervisor for your thesis).

Once you send this email we’ll add you to the VPN and send you a .conf file. Importing this file you can connect to the lab using the Wireguard protocol. You can follow this link for instructions on setting up Wireguard on your device: