Wi-Fi Router MitM

We can perform a man-in-the-middle-attack on any Wi-Fi and Ethernet connection that goes through the lab’s router. We use the command tcpdump to capture all the traffic that goes through the router and then pipe that data into our machine and analyse it with Wireshark. You can use the Kali desktop in the lab or any computer which has a connection to the router and the appropriate tools.

Type in this command in terminal (replacing routers.ip with the actual IP of the router):

ssh root@routers.ip tcpdump -U -w - -i br0 not port 22 | wireshark -k -i -

You will then be prompted for the root password for the router, once you’ve entered this Wireshark should open and you will be able to begin analysing traffic.

You can edit the tcpdump command to your specification, but remember that the ‘not port 22’ part is neccesary to avoid seeing the SSH packets being sent between your computer and the router.


If TLS is implemented, the connection can still be vulnerable. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmYcsdXT3W8.

Analyzing ICS packets with Wireshark

Wireshark is one of the most widely used network protocol analyzers available[1]. When listening in on a network with Wireshark, the user is able to filter the packets that are shown by for example protocol.

Industrial Control Systems, or ICS, is an umbrella term used to describe hardware and software that are serving vital industrial infrastructure, as well as the networks connecting them. Usually ICS get data from sensors, decide on an appropriate action, and then send commands to the machinery.[2]

The following is a list compiled by Sulaiman Alhasawi, that contains all 32 ICS protocols that Wireshark supports filtration for as of April 12th, 2021.

  1. BSAP
  2. Bacnet
  3. C12.22
  4. CANopen
  5. CIP
  6. DeviceNet
  7. Dnp3
  8. EGD
  9. EtherNetIP
  10. Ethercat
  11. Ethernet PowerLink
  12. Fieldbus
  13. Goose
  14. HartIP
  15. IEC60870_101
  16. IEC60870_104
  17. IEC60870_asdu
  18. KNX
  19. Modbus
  20. Modbus / TCP
  21. Modbus / UDP
  22. Modbus RTU
  23. OPC UA
  24. Omron FINS
  25. Profibus
  26. Profinet
  27. S7comm
  28. Sercos
  29. Sinec H1
  30. TTEthernet
  31. Tristation
  32. Zigbee


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